our story



We’re a new family of three living in a home that just happens to be tiny the South Bay of San Francisco. 

When we first moved to California, we were stunned by the high cost of living and hoped that we could find a way to have our own home in this beautiful state. Over the course of three years searching for a solution, we sold all of our furnishings and moved over fifteen times.

Finally, we discovered the solution of a tiny home on wheels, but we weren’t satisfied with the current direction of the movement. We didn’t want to minimalize, we wanted to have a home that satisfied our desires. We wanted to have a home that didn’t feel like it came along with the traditional downsides of living tiny. From our perspective, we would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a house in California… if we were going to buy a tiny home instead, then why not make it the best tiny home we could?


In the process, we think we’ve discovered something that many other people are searching for: a home that inspires you on a budget you can afford. But our journey wasn’t always easy and we couldn’t find any single resource that would give us everything we needed — a one-stop-shop for quickly and easily buying and owning a tiny home.

Now we’ve decided to build that resource. To simplify buying a tiny house. We want you to have the tiny home you want, and we want to help.