Bela Fishbeyn

Bela has lived her life in a balance between art, thought, and accomplishment, always looking for new areas to develop and new perspectives to learned. She works as the executive editor for the American Journal of Bioethics at Stanford, and has an M.S. in Bioethics from Columbia and two B.A.s in Photography and Philosophy from UNC-Chapel Hill. She’s been a Fulbright scholar, worked as a professional photographer, and teaches Pilates when she has the time. Her deepest passion is for those loved ones closest to her, and the only thing bigger than her brain is her heart.

Spencer Wright

Spencer has spent most of his life flipping from one thing to another, always pushing into the demands of a new challenge or opportunity.  When he found out that he knew nothing about food, he dropped out of college to learn how to cook. After four years and working his way into Magnolia Grill (Durham, NC) and Craft (NYC), he quit cooking to go back to school. Armed with a B.A. in Philosophy and a brief stint buying and selling wine, he started working directly for his family. Now he thinks of himself as a “stay-at-home family man” and focuses wholly on his clan. Whether it’s designing a tiny home, creating content, setting up a rental, or working with his friends, Spencer always tries to keep something fresh on the horizon.

Escher Kamalova-Wright

Escher is the sweetest chunk you’ve ever seen with the most dramatic failure of a last name you’ve ever heard. She’s precocious and fun-loving, bright with a deep passion for doing. She's the most talkative tot around, always asking to "talk a little bit", and when there’s a party to be had, she’ll never let you down. She will sing you over 30 different songs a cappella for one chocolate chip a piece, takes a four hour nap almost every day, and calls hotels “hello's”.  She a perfect blend of her parents (literally, ENFJ (Bela) + ENTP (Spencer) = ENFP), but way more awesome.